Hydroblasting is a cleaning method which uses the sheer force of water pressure from an industrial motorized hose to clean surfaces that have hard-to-reach spots or tough dirt spots and stains. Hydroblasting is effective for commercial properties because it does not use any abrasives or potentially harmful chemicals so that the public space is kept free of pollution. Clean Sweep Hydroblasting uses water pressure to help revitalize commercial properties to give a new, clean look.

What Hydroblasting Does

Hydroblasting uses water pressures of over 10,000 PSI which is strong enough to be harmful to humans but soft enough to be safe for buildings. While the water used is completely safe, there can be excess water flooding in the adjacent areas. Structures to blockade or collect the runoff can protect others from unwanted water spray.

The types of situations where hydroblasting is necessary will be in places where dirt builds up in difficult-to-reach or dangerous to work around locations. Water pressurizers are safe for the workers because there is no impact between the surfaces and the environment. Some of the examples where hydroblasting can clean effectively are:

Concrete stucco, walkways, patios, all types of buildings

Ships and marine structures with steel and fiberglass surfaces

Profiling of concrete on various structures for overcoating or overlaying of epoxy coatings and concrete

Storage tanks and steel structures with nasty chemicals

The Benefits of Commercial Hydroblasting

Clean Sweep Hydroblasting pressure cutting equipment prepares concrete for the rehabilitation and repair of bridge decks, highways, parking garages, factories, warehouses, and airport runways. With nozzles for differing levels of pressure, hydroblasters can perform demolition as light as surface scarification to as deep as concrete removal. This state-of-the-art robotic laser-cutting equipment is fast, cost-effective, environmentally clean, and outperforms all previous methods of concrete removal.

The process can be automated due to the majority of the pressure setting being handled by robots. The advantage of this is that human error is removed, and the exact pressure can be used to stay below levels that can compromise the surface but be high enough to remove the grime and dirt. For hydrodemolition, this is useful for leaving rebars and other structural frames for a cleaner demolition process. The stream is also focused on a certain area so that nearby rooms in small facilities areas are not damaged in the process. Water is also a natural cleaning method, so any debris or dust created from the process is cleaned simultaneously.

For any commercial business looking to revitalize or rebuild their property, Clean Sweep Hydroblasting can offer the best methods for pressure cleaning. We have been established for 23 years and have evolved with the industry over time. Call (561) 793-1509.