Hydroblasting is a very versatile practice that can be utilized for a wide range of purposes. It’s often used for concrete demolition or surface preparation. But did you know that you can clean with hydroblasting? And if you’re completely unfamiliar with hydroblasting, it sounds strange it could clean anything. (Learn the basics here.)But continue reading below to get an idea of what hydroblasting can clean for you.

What Can You Clean With Hydroblasting?

As mentioned earlier, hydroblasting is a very versatile practice. And so it can be used to clean many different things, such as:

Industrial Equipment

Equipment often used for construction or for other industrial means can get dirty very easily. And when they become dirty, their performance can decline substantially. You’ll need to get them cleaned, but that can prove a challenge in and of itself. So instead of trying to have your own staff trying to clean them, opt instead to hire a professional hydroblasting company, such as Clean Sweep. We know how delicate industrial equipment can be, so when we get to work cleaning your equipment, we ensure that no harm is brought to them. When we’re finished, your equipment will be back to their maximum capabilities.


Pipes in almost any setting, particularly in a manufacturing facility or industrial factory, are highly susceptible to accumulating filth and debris. And due to the narrowness of pipes, it’s virtually impossible to clean them correctly and entirely.

Due to its fluidity, water is one of few substances that can reach every interior part of a pipe. And when you clean with hydroblasting, you can rest assured that the entirety of your pipe is clean.

Professional handlers will know what amount of PSI is needed for cleaning pipes. So when they get to work on yours, they’ll adjust the nozzles accordingly to ensure that they can effectively remove all deposits from your pipes’ interior without damaging the pipes themselves.

Boiler Tanks

The humidity in boiler tanks can easily cause them to rust in the interior. And with the occurrence of rust, your boiler tank’s performance will start to decline. But rust can be easily removed with the use of hydroblasting. Hydroblasting is relied on for numerous surface preparation applications. And when it comes to rust removal, hydroblasting is the go-to method.

Ultimately, with hydroblasting, you can trust that this practice will have your boiler tanks clean and rust-free in no time.

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