Lesser-Known Uses For High-Pressure Hydroblasting

Lesser-Known Uses For High-Pressure Hydroblasting Hyrdoblasting is recognized for being a powerful tool that aids in the construction and demolition of most industrial projects. Its application is most helpful for when one needs total removal of unwanted deposits and other residues. For this reason, you’ll often see hydroblasting mostly used to prepare surfaces and for […]

What Can You Clean With Hydroblasting?

Hydroblasting is a very versatile practice that can be utilized for a wide range of purposes. It’s often used a lot for when effective concrete demolition needs to be done or for when surface preparation is required. But when it comes to cleaning, some are left to wonder if hydroblasting is the best practice to […]

Hydroblasting For Cooling Tower Cleaning

We here at Clean Sweep Hydroblasting offer our hydroblasting services to assist in resolving a myriad of problems. And when it comes to cooling tower cleaning, we are always highly sought after. Cooling tower cleaning is essential in the maintenance of large-scale properties such as corporate buildings and hospitals. But if you happen to own […]

When Hydroblasting is Needed

As the manager of a manufacturing facility, director of a construction project, or even the owner of a large-scale property, you’ll be in charge of a wide set of responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities will be tasks that you deal with on the daily. Whereas others will end up being something that you’ve never dealt […]

Where is Hydrodemolition Best Used?

As the name implies, hydrodemolition is a form of construction that requires the use of highly pressurized water to assist in the tearing down of concrete. It’s a safe and cost-efficient practice that can assist tremendously in getting construction projects done with little to no problems. But if you’re managing a construction project and are […]

Why Use Hydroblasting For Pipes

Hydroblasting has proven to be one of the most optimal methods utilized to perform a variety of industrial tasks. If you need surface preparation done for equipment such as boilers or tanks, hydroblasting is guaranteed to get it done effectively. Or if you require demolition on a certain concrete structure – let’s say, a bridge […]

Water Blasting Applications

Water blasting is one of the most commonly adopted methods utilized by countless businesses for a variety of reasons. It’s a widespread operation that involves the use of a powerful abrasive water discharge that successfully blasts unwanted material or residue away due to its strength. And due to its efficiency, it sometimes only requires one […]

Choose Hydroblasting For Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation is an absolute necessity when it comes to any sort of industrial maintenance. It ensures a healthy environment for employees and patrons all the while readying your business for the next stage of development. It can be difficult, however, when deciding what method should be used to perform it. But don’t waste your […]

Why Hydrodemolition is Best for Bridge Deck Repairs

Construction repair on bridge decks is no easy task. The process of repairing bridge decks is a strenuous and tedious one as maintaining its structure can be difficult. Bridge deck repairs will require that the old concrete platform be replaced without the removal of steel or beam structures. Workers can do this through various processes, […]

Everything You Need To Know About Industrial Hydro Blasting

Hydro Blasting is a little-known construction technique that can be used for a wide variety of applications. For the most part, it’s used for cleaning thick dirt and debris that can build upon a number of industrial surfaces. From the inside of a tank to a large area of concrete, hydro blasting can be used […]

What Is Hydrodemolition?

Hydrodeomlition is an environmentally friendly demolition solution that entails the use of ultra high-pressure water jet equipment instead of standard tools used for removing concrete and other materials.

Why Choose Clean Sweep for Tank Cleaning

Benefits Of Tank Cleaning Regardless of your industry, tank cleaning is necessary to keep operations running smoothly. This ensures that all equipment is running at its optimal level, and allows for all issues to be identified and rectified before the issues become greater. In order to provide the best hydro blasting service possible, we offer […]

Hydrodemolition: Concrete Removal That Is Safe, Efficient, & Cost Effective

In today’s modern working conditions, cost-effectiveness, safety, and efficiency are greatly emphasized. When it comes to concrete removal and refurbishment, Hydrodemolition is the go-to solution. Over time, concrete tends to become structurally deficient due to the vulnerability of deterioration. Therefore, the need for concrete maintenance and refurbishment is needed. Using only high-pressure water, safely and […]

How Our Hydroblasting Techniques Can Benefit Your Industrial Equipment

When it comes to cleaning industrial equipment, hydroblasting is the go-to service. At Clean Sweep, we proudly provide the most powerful hydroblasting techniques. Fully ensuring the overall efficiency and cleanliness of your industrial equipment. Our hydroblasting techniques are capable of utilizing 5,000 to 42,000 PSI of water pressure. The high-pressure water ensures an in-depth cleaning. […]

How Can Water Cut Through Steel?

A water jet is a powerful tool capable of cutting through metal parts. The best advantage is, it uses only a stream of high-pressure water, no chemicals needed. Water jetting can cut through metal, wood marble, and so much more. An incredible feat that proves if you get water flowing fast enough, it can cut […]

How To Remove Rust & Corrosion With Water

Rust comes from the presence of water between iron or steel. This is commonly referred to as oxidation or corrosion. Rust destroys the material of metal causing significant damages over time. This is a financial concern as much as it is a safety risk. For this purpose, hydroblasting was established. So when you need a […]

Prepare Any Surface With Water Blasting

A Clean Way  To Prep Concrete When it comes to high-pressure water blasting services, one concern usually arises. Will the process inject water into the concrete slab during the surface preparation? The answer is absolutely NOT. When preparing a concrete surface with hydro blasting, the water never penetrates the concrete. The water blasting only quickly […]

Your Go To Industrial Hydroblasting Company

At Clean Sweep, our industrial hydroblasting operates with the highest pressure equipment available. Often in the most diverse and time-sensitive situations. If not managed properly, hydroblasting has the potential to cause high-risk injuries. Top Of The Line Water Blasting Services The latest and most cost-effective hydroblasting services. Industrial water blasting strategies that provide a process […]

The Many Advantages of Hydrodemolition

So many companies today are becoming lifelong partners because of the many benefits gained from Clean Sweep’s Hydroblasting. Our waterjet cutting service, Hydrodemolition, continues to provide the best alternative for any demolition projects. It is an efficient, cost-effective, and precise method of demolition that easily removes damaged or unwanted concrete. When you need a professional […]

When Should You Consider Hydroblasting

The quickest and cleanest alternative to traditional grit blasting is hydroblasting. From cleaning small surfaces to cutting through metal, no other method safely and successfully removes coatings without any damaging to the area. Clean Sweep’s hydroblasting is an environmentally safe option for indoor and outdoor surface cleaning, ensuring the best results. There is very little […]

How Hydroblasting Is Used For Surface Preparation

Proper surface preparation is important for the immediate and long-term success of concrete sealants. Guidelines for the proper preparation of a concrete surface include removing any old layers and complete decontamination of the surface. This can be done most easily and effectively with water jet cleaning offered by Clean Sweep Hydroblasting. What Hydroblasting Can Do […]

Revitalize Your Commercial Property With Hydroblasting

Hydroblasting is a cleaning method which uses the sheer force of water pressure from an industrial motorized hose to clean surfaces that have hard-to-reach spots or tough dirt spots and stains. Hydroblasting is effective for commercial properties because it does not use any abrasives or potentially harmful chemicals so that the public space is kept […]

All About Hydro Blasting

Hydroblasting concrete also referred to as hydro-demolition, hydro-milling, water basting, or water jetting is a mechanism for cleaning external and internal surfaces. It relies on the energy of water striking a surface to achieve its cleaning outcome. Hydro-demolition provides an excellent bonding surface for repair material and new coating applications. What Are The Various Classifications […]