The quickest and cleanest alternative to traditional grit blasting is hydroblasting. From cleaning small surfaces to cutting through metal, no other method safely and successfully removes coatings without any damaging to the area. Clean Sweep’s hydroblasting is an environmentally safe option for indoor and outdoor surface cleaning, ensuring the best results. There is very little that Clean Sweep’s high-pressure water service cannot clean or remove.   

Industrial Advantages

Our high-pressure water blasting provides 5,000 to 42,000 psi of water pressure to handle a variety of needs. This way the correct amount of pressure is used to avoid damage to surfaces. Our most common applications include:

  • Pipes and Waste-lines
  • Boilers and Chimneys
  • Evaporators and Heat Exchanges
  • Tanks

Clean Sweep’s hydroblasting is also the ideal method for cutting metal and concrete. Our services replace the traditional use of jackhammers and excavators. Therefore, no dangerous sparks, no heat, and no excessive debris. This reduces the risk of causing harm to yourself and the environment.

 Corrosion to a metal used to be extremely hard to remove due to its tough and brittle state. Hydroblasting is the best method for removing rust and corrosion from metal. Another benefit to hydroblasting is how well it preps and cleans steel. The high-pressure water blasting preserves the surface of the metal. Therefore, making any dull or dirty area shiny again without the use of harsh abrasives.


Environmental Advantages That Last

Removing debris or cleaning an intended surface use to require harsh chemicals. The most environmentally friendly option for indoor and outdoor surface cleaning is hydroblasting. Using just high-pressure water means no smoke, no fumes, no debris. Water is the least corrosive and harmful when compared to other cleaning agents.

Clean Sweep‘s hydroblasting is tailored to each client to ensure the best approach for every cleaning and cutting service. No secondary cleanup is needed. Clean Sweep’s vacuum recovery system leaves surfaces clean and almost dry. Further eliminating the use of abrasives, toxins, and potentially harmful chemicals. Nothing beats our rigorous safety methods, intense employee training, and full equipment knowledge. For tough cleaning jobs requiring high-pressure water blasting, contact the experts at (561)-793-1509.