Water blasting technician in full PPE uses hydroblasting lance for industrial cleaning.

Water Blasting PPE

Through the pandemic, many of us have been better acquainted with the abbreviation for Personal Protective Equipment. Our industry would not be nearly as safe as it is without water blasting PPE. A safe hydroblaster is protected from head to toe. Physical protection combined with in-depth training is what makes hydroblasting and hydrodemolition as risk-free as it can be.

Components of Water Blasting PPE


First, like many other construction-adjacent fields, water blasting PPE begins at the feet with steel-toed boots, complete with metatarsal guards. Plus, these boots are often rubber, always with non-slip soles. It is important to note that these boots offer protection from worksite injuries like falling and dropped objects. Notably, the PSI of a water blasting machine can damage or penetrate even the toughest PPE footwear in a second.

Protective Clothing

Secondly, operators should wear full-body impermeable gear to protect against spray-back and splashing. This spray-back is not like your spoon in the sink. Even the residual spray from hydroblasting equipment is forceful and can harm your skin. Also, this portion of water blasting PPE is often bright in color to aid in visibility on the jobsite.

Hand Protection

Thirdly, to protect the hands, an operator should be wearing heavy-duty waterproof gloves at all times. To restate, this primarily provides protection against residual spray of water. Though the lance itself is high-powered enough to cut through these materials, gloves, protective clothing, and proper footwear will delay the damage and injury to the hydroblasting technician.

Eye Protection

Chiefly, the importance of eye protection in water blasting PPE cannot be overstated. Hydroblasting technicians wear goggles or a full-face shield (with anti-fog) to protect against spray. Most importantly, eye protection blocks any small debris from causing injury to the technician’s eyes.

Hearing Protection

Hydroblasting equipment can produce loud noise. Industrial machines can begin to cause hearing loss after only 8 minutes of unprotected exposure to the sound. Therefore, it is key that hydroblasting  technicians utilize earplugs or earmuffs as part of their PPE kit.

Hard Hat

I mean, it is construction after all. A hard hat protects the technician from any overhead hazards. As discussed, proper water blasting PPE requires hearing protection. So, should an object be falling or another unpredictable event occur, it is likely that our hydroblaster cannot hear it. Therefore, a hardhat is a paramount provider of safety in the workplace.

Best Practices, Best Results

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