At Clean Sweep, our Hydroblasting Services are the solution to removing waste residue.

Our services provide commercial hydroblasting that is time-efficient, cost-effective and safe. From Hydrodemolition to Surface Preparation to Industrial Hydroblasting. We ensure the best results with the best hydroblasting services in South Florida. Some of our hydroblasting processes are automated. This way, we reduce the risk of personal injury as well as limit the amount of prep work needed. Ourhydroblasting service and ultra high-pressure cutting easily removes the toughest materials with percision.

Applications Up To 60,000 P.S.I.

Industrial Byproduct Removal

Commercial Hydroblasting Services

Specialty Residential Projects

Surface Profiling

Concrete Resurfacing

Processing Equipment & Pipelines

Safely Remove Fugitive, Combustible, Explosive Dust

Safely Expose Subsurface Infrastructure & Utilities

Commercial Hydroblasting

We provide various services for our commercial clients:

  • Coating removals
  • Resurfacing
  • Surface Preparation

Industrial Hydroblasting

We provide the most reliable and safe Industrial Hydroblasting Professionals in all of Florida. Clean Sweep’s Industrial Water Blasting delivers an advanced line of high-pressure water blasting services and equipment. Our Hydroblasting Technology easily removes unwanted material deposits that will impair your equipment’s production efficiency. No other hydroblasting company can provide the years of experience or the professionalism that we can.

Using high pressured water from 5,000 to 42,000 P.S.I. (only using pressures that is necessary to avoid damage to surfaces).

  • Processing Pipes & Production Equipment
  • Interior & Exterior Surface Preparation
  • Boiler Tube Cleaning
  • Drainage Line
  • Evaporators & Heat Exchangers
    • Tube Lancing
    • Ragid Lancing
    • Shell Side Cleaning
  • Tanks
    • Clean
    • Cut
    • Surface Preparation
      (Coatings, Eddy Current Test)
  • Boilers & Chimneys
    • Air Heaters
    • ID Fans
    • Mud Drums
    • Boiler Tubes & Header Walls
  • Pipes & Waste Lines
    • 1/2″ to 36″ Pipes

Surface Preparation

Our ultra-high pressure hydroblasting provides the best Surface Preparation for any coating. It allows for superior adhesion of the coating to the substrate. That way, we ensure a successful outcome with the most effective Surface Preparation in South Florida.Our Surface Preparation results in less time than most abrasive methods. It is the power of the ultra-high pressure water that helps expose weak spots in concrete. The velocity of our hydroblaster’s water jets is over the speed of sound. This allows even the toughest coating to be stripped with fresh water for a clean and dry ready surface.

  • Using UHP Water Jetting Up To 42,000 P.S.I. (using robotic tools where possible)
  • Removal Of Coating From Concrete, Stucco, Walkways, Patios, On All Buildings
  • Removal Of Coatings From Ships & Marine Structures (steel and fiberglass)
  • Profiling Of Concrete On Various Structures For Over Coating or Overlaying Of Epoxy Coatings & Concrete.
  • Removal Of Coatings From Storage Tanks & Steel Structures
  • Removal Of Linings From Steel & Concrete Tanks


Our Hydrodemolition is the process of effectively removing old or deteriorated concrete. Water fills the natural cavities in the concrete and creates a peak. This peak allows for the concrete to adhere to coatings much more efficiently. Hydrodemolition does not damage rebar, steel framework, or I-Beams. We utilize a new generation of robotic ultra high-pressure water jet cutting equipment. The combined use of robotics and hydroblasters prepare the concrete for the rehabilitation process. We demolish bridge decks, highways, parking garages, factories, warehouses, airport runways, and more. From light surface scarification to deep cut concrete removal. We provide hydrodemolition services that are fast, cost-effective, and environmentally clean.

Thus, outperforming all previous methods of concrete removal or repair:

  • Continuous high productivity by the use of high- pressured water;
  • Depth control during removal;
  • Strong profile for superior mechanical bonding;
  • No vibration or dust;
  • Environmentally, clean water recycling option;
  • Leaves rebar in place, clean & undamaged;
  • Highly profiled surface ready to accept new concrete overlay;
  • Removes defective & deteriorated concrete; and
  • Approved by the Florida Department of Transportation & Federal Highway Administration

Specialty Projects

  • Antique Planes
  • Ships
  • Dry Dock Work
  • Cooling Towers