Surface Preparation Services

Clean Sweep Hydroblasting Services is a leader in Surface Preparation. Our hydro blasting system uses ultra-high pressure to remove tough surface coatings from areas such as concrete, stucco, walkways, patios, and buildings. Our patented ultra-high pressure water blasting system provides the best clean and dry ready surface.

Superior surface preparation results in less time than most abrasive methods such as sandblasting.

Ultra-high pressure water also helps expose weak spots in concrete. The velocity of our hydroblasting surface preparation water jet is over the speed of sound. This allows even the toughest coating to be easily stripped with fresh, plain water. The power of Clean Sweep’s Ultra-High Pressure hydroblasting produces the best results for surface preparation, industrial cleaning, and cutting applications.

Hydroblasting is so effective it allows for ultra-high pressurized water to cut through concrete. The key benefits of hydroblasting include: High-Precision Hydrodemolition Hydroblasting allows you to cut through concrete with just water. Controlled settings can be easily and precisely set to get the result you desire. No Chemicals Required! Water is the only material used in Clean Sweep’s Surface Preparation. Eliminating the use of any toxic or abrasive chemicals.

Environmentally Friendly meaning no use of any chemicals.

Just fresh, clean water. Therefore, no fumes or pollution is directly caused by hydroblasting any surface area. Removes weak concrete with surface preparation that causes no damage to the existing concrete. Easily removes any loose or weak concrete leaving behind an extremely strong surface:

  • Using UHP Water Jetting up to 42,000 P.S.I. (using robotic tools where possible)
  • Removes coating from concrete, stucco, walkways, patios, on all buildings
  • Removes coatings from ships and marine structures (steel and fiberglass)
  • Removes coatings from storage tanks and steel structures
  • Removes linings from steel and concrete tanks
  • Profiling of concrete on various structures for over coating or overlaying of epoxy coatings and concrete.

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