So many companies today are becoming lifelong partners because of the many benefits gained from Clean Sweep’s Hydroblasting. Our waterjet cutting service, Hydrodemolition, continues to provide the best alternative for any demolition projects. It is an efficient, cost-effective, and precise method of demolition that easily removes damaged or unwanted concrete. When you need a professional to safely reveal healthy concrete, Clean Sweep’s hydrodemolition is your best solution.

How Hydrodemolition Works

When you have unwanted concrete where you do not want it or a coating on concrete that has failed and needs to be removed, hydrocutting is the solution to your problems.

There are three methods in which hydrodemolition removes concrete such as:

1) Ultra High-Pressure water removes top-layer of concrete

2) Partial Depth removal selectively removes concrete that exceeds a depth of 3/4.

3) Full Depth Removal completely removes deteriorated concrete

How Water-Pressure Removes Concrete

Hydrodemolition efficiently removes any concrete using ultra-high pressure water jets. With water jetting cutting services providing up to 42,000 psi, you get twenty times the strength of a typical pressure washer.

Benefits of Hydrodemolition

With Clean Sweep, hydrodemolition eases any concerns about removing damaged concrete. It provides a safer and more efficient alternative to conventional forms of demolition. Achieving excellent results with a wide range of challenges and structures that old school machinery cant reach.

When compared to other demolition methods, the advantages of hydrodemolition are incontrovertible. This includes:

  • Safer
    • Our equipment is robotically controlled. This allows the water jetting to be operated at a safe distance with both precision and control.
  • Versatile
    • Clean Sweep’s water jet cutters are capable of cutting both curved and flat concrete surfaces. Even the harshest and hard to reach areas get targeted by our water jets.

      The advanced accuracy allows water blasting to remove old and damaged concrete very precisely. Keeping everything else intact. Giving you the freedom to be picky about what needs to be removed and what remains.

      Any steel below the concrete’s surface is left completely unharmed. It allows new concrete to bond more efficiently since contaminants like chlorides are removed in the process.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    • Clean Sweep’s Hydrodemolition causes virtually no dust. At the same time, greatly reduces noise pollution. The wastewater from the hydroblasting process gets captured, cleaned, and recycled through our vacuum recovery system. Preventing it from contaminating any natural water sources.
  • Economical
    • Hydrodemolition is a lot quicker and more efficient than any other demolition process. Hydroblasting requires less operational downtime, therefore reducing the cost and increasing overall efficiency.

When it comes to Hydrodemolition, Clean Sweeps Hydroblasting it the industry’s leading provider. With over 20 years of expertise, we provide the most efficient and effective hydroblasting services. We tailor every job specifically for each client in order to achieve the best possible result for all your hydrodemolition needs. For more information on our water blasting services, contact us at (561) 793-1509.