Hydrodeomlition is an environmentally friendly demolition solution that entails the use of ultra high-pressure water jet equipment instead of standard tools used for removing concrete and other materials. Hydrodemolition is by far the most effective way to cut down and remove concrete without affecting steel substructures and other critical parts of the building.

What makes hydrodemolition superior to standard concrete removal techniques? The answer lies within vibration. Hydrodemolition is much more accurate than hydraulic power tools due to the fact that there are no vibrations when using hydrodemolition to remove concrete. Water jets are much easier to target, and have far less of an impact on surrounding materials compared to power tools. Additionally, hydrodemolition is much safer than other concrete removal approaches, reducing the risk of workplace injuries.

Environmentally Friendly Concrete Removal

Hydrodemolition, when used for concrete removal, is very effective, while being gentler on the surrounding environment when compared to standard concrete removal methods. Hydrodemolition is much quieter than conventional power tools, reducing the sound pollution resulting from concrete removal. Additionally, wastewater from hydrodemolition can be easily cleaned up and filtered to ensure there isn’t any cross-contamination. Compare this to standard power tools, which result in large amounts of dust when used to demolish concrete. When using hydrodemolition, there is no dust created whatsoever. This greatly lowers the air pollution created as a result of concrete demolition.

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