As the name implies, hydrodemolition is a form of construction that requires the use of highly pressurized water to assist in the tearing down of concrete. It’s a safe and cost-efficient practice that can assist tremendously in getting construction projects done with little to no problems. But if you’re managing a construction project and are wondering if hydrodemolition is best for you, then continue reading below to get an idea of if this advanced construction practice can help you. After reading, you’ll begin to realize how beneficial the method is and you can rely on services, such as Clean Sweep Hydroblasting, to help you get the job done much faster.

Where Can it Be Used?

One thing you’ll discover about hydrodemolition is that it’s a very versatile method that can aid in the completion of just about any construction project. If your construction project involves the removal of concrete, then it’s very likely that you can rely on hydrodemolition to help get the job done efficiently.

Despite its significant power, you’ll find that its main purpose is to actually maintain a structure’s soundness. Hydrodemolition only aims at removing concrete when needed, thus keeping the metal structures underneath totally intact. When you rely on other methods, such as jackhammering, you can effectively remove the concrete but you’re also causing microcracks to the metal underneath. And even though they’re small now, they can develop into bigger problems later down the line. But with hydrodemolition, you’re only targeting concrete.

You can use this method for a variety of projects including:

  • Large-Scale Projects – You can most definitely use hydrodemolition for large-scale projects. Hydrodemolition may even be the best alternative to use for such projects when you want to remove mass quantities of concrete within a given amount of time
  • Small Projects – Even if they do seem minor, you could still benefit tremendously from using hydrodemolition for your smaller projects. Due to their size, small projects may require a more fastidious touch to get the concrete effectively removed, and that can usually result in postponing your completion date. Hydrodemolition, however, can remove the concrete in less than half the time so that you waste less time on minor details and get the project done sooner.
  • Hard-to-Reach Areas – If you have hard-to-reach areas involved in your construction project, then you’ll find that hydrodemolition will most definitely benefit you. Because water is so fluid, it can seep through just about anything. So if you have an area that can’t be reached by other means, then hydrodemolition might be your best choice.

Specific Areas For Use

If you’re still unsure of where you can utilize hydrodemolition, then take a look below at some projects where hydrodemolition would be the most ideal method for concrete removal.

Bridge Decks

Many bridges are primarily built with concrete and metal. So when you’re repairing or restoring them, you don’t want their structure to deteriorate due to heavy work. Hydrodemolition can effectively remove the concrete without harming the structure of the bridge, so you can restore it with no problems whatsoever.


Dams are huge structures made of concrete that blocks a massive body of water. So when you’re performing construction/maintenance on them, it’s absolutely crucial that you don’t break any part of its structure. This can be tough, but when you hire Clean Sweep Hydroblasting for effective hydrodemolition services, you’ll be making the job much easier for yourself. Hydrodemolition will help remove the concrete while ensuring that the dam’s structure isn’t being damaged at all.

Parking Structures

Parking garages receive a heavy amount of traffic daily, so construction/maintenance will always be needed once in a while. Because of the many levels parking structures possess, you’ll definitely want to make sure that no damage is done whatsoever. If one level of a parking garage sustains damage and falters, then the other levels are sure to get damaged, too. And then the whole structure can collapse.

But hydrodemolition can ensure that whatever concrete needs to be removed from the parking structure will be removed with ease. More so, the structure of the parking structure won’t be damaged in any way whatsoever.

And Much More

Just about any construction project that involves the removal of concrete would likely benefit from hydrodemolition. If you’re managing a project where concrete removal is becoming a mission in and of itself, then you can call the professionals at Clean Sweep Hydroblasting for quality hydrodemolition services.

Hire Clean Sweep Hydroblasting Today to Help You With Your Construction Projects

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