Surface Preparation is an absolute necessity when it comes to any sort of industrial maintenance. It ensures a healthy environment for employees and patrons all the while readying your business for the next stage of development. It can be difficult, however, when deciding what method should be used to perform it. But don’t waste your time thinking about what you should do. Continue reading below and see why hydroblasting is the best practice to utilize in surface preparation.

It’s Safe

Hydroblasting has proven to be the safest and most eco-friendly method when it comes to surface preparation.

Cleaning surfaces is possible without the use of hazardous chemicals that can potentially harm you and mix into the air. Chemical cleaning can be an efficient tool for surface preparation but residues can still be left behind and will require – sometimes tedious – rinsing until it’s all gone. Plus, even when you rinse it off, the chemicals are still lingering somewhere on the ground and will require more cleaning for its removal.

Water is the only substance used in hydroblasting and with it, there are no residues left behind. Only moisture will mix into the air and you can expect a safer environment for employees and patrons.

Expect an Entirely Clean Surface

The powerful force of hydroblasting is strong enough to penetrate even the deepest, most porous of surfaces. Hydroblasting can guarantee the complete removal of deposits, waste, and byproducts from the surfaces of nearly any material. On top of that – much like the professional team at Clean Sweep – the experts handling the hose for hydroblasting can customize the nozzle specifically for each job they perform as well as increase or decrease the desired pressure. This ensures that proper surface preparation is performed with no damage afflicted onto the surface whatsoever.

It’ll Prolong Coating

For any large scale coating project, you want to make sure that the surface you’re working on is free of any clinging deposits. If the surface is not properly prepared then you’re just setting yourself up to do another coating at an imminent future date. For instance, if you plan on painting the hull of a large ship that hasn’t had its surface properly prepared, then you’ll be painting the hull in at least another year.

The goal for surface preparation – especially before you do a coating project – is to make sure the surface is absolutely clean so that you don’t have to perform another coating for an extended period of time.

Because hydroblasting penetrates the toughest material it can completely clean the surface of any clinging material, allowing prolonged longevity of your coating.

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