Hydrodemolition Saves Structures

As of 2015, the state of Mississippi Department of Transportation has facilitated their bridge deck repairs by using hydrodemolition. Bridges themselves are sturdy and hold up well over time. The bridge deck, however, the part that thousands of motorists drive on everyday, can wear down. Bridge replacement would squander the perfectly good structure of the bridge and require massive amounts of people and resources. Instead, removing the bridge deck without harm to the remaining structure is possible through hydrodemolition. Unlike jackhammers, high-pressure water does not cause damaging vibrations and does not cut through steel rebar so there is no risk of creating micro-cracks in a sound structure. Beyond that, hydrodemolition is very precisely controlled. Through high-tech robotics, high-pressure water can cut through the specific depth needed for the bridge deck in question. Most importantly, through this, hydrodemolition saves time and money.

Hydrodemolition Saves Time and Money

Hydrodemolition Saves Time

Let’s say you work for the DOT and you’ve realized one of your bridges is in dire need of repair. It’s been standing since 1968 and is a fixture of your community. Starting over seems to be out of the question. The main structure of the bridge is in good shape so replacing it would be a giant waste of resources. Plus, can you imagine re-routing traffic to build an entirely new bridge? Instead, you opt to repair it. Choosing hydrodemolition saves time and money over traditional concrete demolition methods.

First, hydrodemolition relies on precise water jetting robots. These robots are not only readily programmed, they also work more quickly than a human with a jackhammer ever could. Their ability to cover more ground decreases the workers needed on the project. Secondly, hydrodemolition does not cause dust pollution and additional clean-up. For major bridge deck repairs, an on-site vacuum recovery system easily handles the run-off to recycle or dispose of it as needed. Avoiding this major step in highway construction saves unprecedented time.

Hydrodemolition Saves Money

The reduced number of employees needed saves financial resources. Not only that, robotics allow for further distance between the worker and the equipment, allowing for increased safety. This minimal crew is able to complete projects more quickly than ever before. As the article demonstrated, hydrodemolition can reduce work times by 20% or more. Traffic re-routing is costly. Not only to the time of the driver but to the DOT, financially. The costs of signage and necessary police presence cannot be ignored. A savings of 20% or more goes right back to the taxpayer.

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