In today’s modern working conditions, cost-effectiveness, safety, and efficiency are greatly emphasized. When it comes to concrete removal and refurbishment, Hydrodemolition is the go-to solution. Over time, concrete tends to become structurally deficient due to the vulnerability of deterioration. Therefore, the need for concrete maintenance and refurbishment is needed. Using only high-pressure water, safely and successfully remove any deteriorated concrete. With hydrodemolition services from Clean Sweep, you get superior results for your concrete.

How To Maintain Concrete

All concrete structures have one thing in common, the need for maintenance and refurbishment. All concrete structures need maintenance every fifteen to twenty-five years. That is where hydrodemolition comes into play. It effectively removes and old or damaged concrete. Thus exposing healthy concrete resulting in an enhanced subsequent overlay bond.

Most Common Reasons For Concrete Damage

At some point or another, the concrete refurbishment will be needed. Using the proper Hydrodemolition Services effectively removed damaged concrete cased by:

  • Alkali-Silica Reaction
  • Salt or Acid Rain Corrosion
  • Physical Damage From Traffic
  • Chloride Carbonation
  • Steel Reinforcement Corrosion

Hydrodemolition allows you to effectively remove damaged concrete in a  controlled manner. That way, the risk of micro-cracking in the concrete is significantly reduced.

How Hydrodemolition Works

To safely and effectively remove concrete, hydrodemolition services use ultra-high pressure water jets. These jets use up to 42,000 PSI of water pressure. In comparison, it uses about 20 times the strength of a regular household pressure washer.

Hydrodemolition also uses automatic equipment that safely controls the water jets. Allowing for more precise and uniform water cutting for concrete removal.

Benefits of Hydrodemolition

At Clean Sweep, our hydrodemolition service eases any concern regarding vulnerable concrete structures. Removing damaged concrete provides multiple benefits including:

  • Reduced Dust Pollution
  • Limited Noise Pollution
  • Cost-Efficient
  • Time-Efficient
  • High-Quality Bonding Surface
  • Reduced Risk of Injury For Equipment Operators
  • No Damage To Rebar
  • Water Is Collected For Treatment Reuse

It is a non-impact alternative to reducing micro-cracking in the concrete. The more the hydroblasting industry pushes forward, the more production waste gets minimized.

Hydrodemolition benefits the environment, all site workers, and local residents. It successfully eliminates all dust and debris particles by trapping them in the runoff water.

Noise caused by a hydrodemolition service is very minimal. There is no percussion effect, therefore, there is no noise spread making it a perfect option for:

  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Residential Developments

Benefiting both the local residents as well as the site workers.

Enhanced Bonding

Hydrodemolition provides the ideal bonding surface for concrete. The waterjets create peaks within the surface of the concrete. These surface peaks and valleys are what provide grip.

Hydrodemolition services are impact free. It eliminates the risk of damaging the surface due to vibrations and impact.

At Clean Sweep, our Hydrodemolition Services are the most cost-efficient industrial cleaning service. Capable of solving even the most impossible concrete maintenance. We take pride in being South Florida’s most trusted Hydroblasting Company.

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