We here at Clean Sweep Hydroblasting offer our hydroblasting services to assist in resolving a myriad of problems. And when it comes to cooling tower cleaning, we are always highly sought after. Cooling tower cleaning is essential in the maintenance of large-scale properties such as corporate buildings and hospitals. But if you happen to own a large-scale building and aren’t aware of the purpose of having your cooling tower cleaned, then continue reading below. Our cooling tower cleaning services at Clean Sweep Hydroblasting are one of a kind and we can promise that you won’t find them better anywhere else.

What Are Cooling Towers?

If you’ve just recently became the owner of a large-scale property, one of the first questions you might be asking yourself is what cooling towers are? Cooling towers, essentially, are what help allow your A/C system to operate. Your cooling tower works by colliding air and water together in order to reduce the temperature of the latter. And by doing such, they’re able to provide your A/C system with the temperature you’re looking for. But when they’re afflicted with bacteria and other deposits, they can’t operate properly.

Why Should You Get Your Cooling Tower Cleaned?

As stated above, when your cooling tower is afflicted with too much bacteria and deposits, your A/C system won’t be able to operate properly. It will overwork itself, thus using more energy which will cause you to pay more every month when the energy bill comes in.

But other than the fact that your A/C won’t work efficiently, a dirty cooling tower can also be very harmful to property occupants. And this is because a dirty cooling tower houses the perfect environment for the development of unhealthy and dangerous bacteria. For instance, a dirty cooling tower will likely develop Legionella bacteria. And when you and other occupants are exposed to this bacteria, you’ll possibly contract Legionnaire’s disease – an illness that’s very similar to pneumonia. You can also possibly contract Pontiac Fever when exposed to cooling tower bacteria – a condition similar to the flu.

Due to these reasons, it’s highly recommended that you get your cooling towers cleaned immediately when they’re filled with too much bacteria.

Why Choose Hydroblasting to Clean Your Cooling Towers

Hydroblasting only relies on a couple of components, a pressurized hose, and water. And with the use of water, we can promise you that nothing will go wrong at all during the hydroblasting cooling tower cleaning process.

Unlike most other methods, hydroblasting is proven to be the most effective and safest. And this is because hydroblasting doesn’t rely on any chemicals whatsoever to help clean your cooling tower, ensuring that no harmful chemicals spread throughout your property. More so, hydroblasting also utilizes an adjustable pressurized hose to ensure that the proper PSI is used. With the proper PSI, all deposits that cling onto the surface of your cooling tower will be effectively removed while no harm is done to the tower itself. On top of that, because only water is used, you can expect an easy clean up as water can be easily removed and will dry up.

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