Hydroblasting: A History

To fully appreciate the current water blasting industry, it is important to understand the history of hydroblasting. What began as a quick, convenient way to mine (Yes, that’s right, MINE), has become a revolutionary and irreplaceable service.

First Historical Hydroblasting Uses

Though the idea of using pressured water to clean is literally ancient, using hydroblasting in a construction sense only dates back to the 1800s. A British engineer began experimenting with steam jets to remove deposits from mining equipment and from locomotives. By the 1850s, the California gold rush was in full swing. At this time, the mining industry began using large steam-powered water jets to quickly break away huge portions of soil and gravel. If that doesn’t sound like the most environmentally practice to you, you’d be correct. This destruction of natural formations caused unnatural sediment buildup in rivers, resulting in flooding and irreparable changes to the landscape. Don’t worry, we’ve learned a lot!

Development of Modern Hydroblasting

In the late 1970s and into the 1980s, technology was advancing quickly in engineering. High-pressure pumps began to take shape, allowing for a steady and reliable output of greater than 40,000 PSI. These high-pressure water jets proved to be highly effective in removing tough deposits, coatings, and corrosion from various surfaces, including metals, concrete, and pipes. Using high-pressured water brought a lot of advantages to the field. First, it increased efficiency. Jobs that would have required multiple people could now be handled by one trained individual. Secondly, high-pressured water can reach difficult spaces, meaning a human doesn’t need to put themselves in harm’s way. Lastly, hydroblasting is effective without chemicals or creating sparks. It is safe to use in volatile environments.

Gone are the days of environmental damage. Instead, hydroblasting is a green process. The process uses no chemicals, abrasives, or pollutants. It creates no dust or harmful residue. And in most instances, the water used can be recycled!

Making History with Hydroblasting

Today, hydroblasting is still making history. Many hydrodemolition companies rely on robotics to emphasize the benefits of hydroblasting. By utilizing robots, fewer people are put in dangerous situations and confined spaces that were once impossible to access are now available. Our own CEO, Tracy Arnold, is a part of the future of hydroblasting. He is always thinking and tinkering, creating ways to make water blasting even better. He’s been in this business since the advent of high pressure and is here to help it grow.

We Know Our Stuff

To work with a team that only uses the industry’s best practices and top safety methods, call Clean Sweep Hydroblasting. We’ve been in the industry since it’s inception! Over 30 years of experience is here to provide you with the best results and the best service.

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