A Clean Way  To Prep Concrete

When it comes to high-pressure water blasting services, one concern usually arises. Will the process inject water into the concrete slab during the surface preparation? i.e. Will it damage my concrete? The answer is absolutely NOT.

When preparing concrete surface with water blasting, the water never penetrates the concrete. Water blasting only quickly hits the surface with a small amount of water- roughly 6 gallons of water per minute at 40,000 psi of pressure.

Clean Sweep’s water blasting service leaves your concrete surface cleaner than ever! 

The Benefits of Hydro Blasting

Unlike a concrete shot blaster or grinder, water blasting is the cleanest solution. Since this method is so clean, it is safe to use in occupied spaces.  A high-volume vacuum instantly removes water and debris, leaving a hazard-free environment.

Why Use Hydro Blasting For Surface Preparation

In order to achieve optimum results when adhering a coating to concrete, the surface must be completely free of dust, dirt, and grease. Preparing concrete with water blasting ensures a clean surface because it leaves behind no residue or abrasive substances.

Water Blasting or Hydro Blasting

Water blasting or hydro blasting is an eco-friendly, economical, safe, efficient way to prepare a concrete surface. The advantages include:

  • Capable of cleaning & preparing a variety of exterior surfaces
  • No need for harsh chemicals
  • Eliminates the risk of releasing unsafe contaminants into the air
  • Leaves no residue behind
  • Adjustable pressure settings and nozzles for precise results
  • Remove adhesive and multi-layered coating systems
  • Open surface pores
  • Leaves surface clean & chemical free

At Clean Sweep, we provide a range of hydro blasting services. We only use state of the art water blasting equipment, capable of efficiently preparing any concrete surface in a safe and timely manner.

Clean Sweep’s Surface Prep Hydroblasting Service

Clean Sweep provides the surface prep hydroblasting service you need. Our surface preparation service eliminates dust and debris that traditional blasting methods cause. With our surface prep, you benefit from:

  • No Hazardous Chemicals
  • No Harsh Solutions
  • No Atmospheric Pollutants
  • No High-Traffic Clean Ups

We tout hydroblasting capabilities up to 42,000 psi- that’s a lot of clean!

Our Surface Preparation Hydroblasting quicky strips away any surface coating, including asbestos and some of the toughest scales.

When you need more power, our Ultra High Pressure Hydroblasting Service removes anything you need. Keeping that surface from further degradation.

The Advantages of Our Surface Prep Hydroblasting Service

At Clean Sweep, our surface prep hydroblasting service provides many advantages including:

  • Minimizing Prep Work
  • Eliminates Airborne Contaminants
  • No Surface Degradation
  • No Clean-Up Costs

Clean Sweep is one of the most trusted hydroblasting companies. We truly understand the know-how to perfect your next surface prep job. For reliable and efficient surface preparation hydroblasting services, contact us at (561) 793-1509.

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