Top Of The Line Water Blasting Services

At Clean Sweep, our industrial hydroblasting service operates with the highest pressure equipment available, often in the most diverse and time-sensitive situations. If not managed properly, hydroblasting has the potential to cause high-risk injuries. Our decades of experience can ensure that doesn’t happen. Never attempt these projects yourself- hire trained professionals.

We provide the latest technology and most cost-effective water blasting services. Our industrial  hydroblasting strategies ensure the highest standards of high-pressure water cleaning. A hydro blasting company’s equipment is a critical component in providing safe and reliable services. Equipment maintenance is a top priority of ours.

Our continued vitality within the industrial hydroblasting industry is due to the following traits of Clean Sweep Hydroblasting:

Expert Hydroblasting Operations

Over 23 years of industrial cleaning. Our operations easily remove almost any coating on any surface, leaving behind a clean and usable surface ready for re-application.


Clean Sweep’s industrial hydroblasting operates without the use of messy and hazardous chemicals. The lack of chemicals, abrasives, and toxins produces no odors or air pollution.

Time and Cost Effective

Our water blasting service is the most cost-effective method for surface cleaning. Water jetting gets the job done in no time. Our efficient operation reduces downtime, lowering labor costs as well as disposal costs.

Federal, State, Local Compliance

Especially on larger scale projects, our industrial water cleaning removes and disposes of hazardous substances. Our vacuum recovery system is key to remaining compliant with Federal, State, and Local regulations.

Industrial Water Blasting Applications

Our hydroblasting company has many years of dedicated experience in providing industrial hydroblasting services for applications such as:

  • Epoxy Coating Removal (On Both Vertical & Horizontal)
  • Highway, Airport, Parking Lot Lead-Based Paint Removal
  • Non-Hazardous Coatings Removal
  • Exterior paint Removal Off Tanks & building Structures
  • Surface Preparation & Cleaning
  • Polymer Removal
  • Boilers, Heat Exchangers, & Condensers

Expertly Trained Crew

Our successful reputation is directly attributed to the professional and well versed Clean Sweep Crew. Capable of handling high tech systems and equipment to ensure the highest level of quality results.

Our crew is experienced in safety preparations in case a repair or adjustment is required throughout the duration of your project. They have gone through extensive training fully ensuring our technicians know how to use the latest equipment. This makes cleaning hard to reach surfaces easy eliminating potential dangerous areas.

Benefits of Industrial Hydroblasting

Our industrial water blasting and hydro blasting can be used in a variety of industrial settings. We have refined the ability to effectively and safely remove material deposits that buildup. This includes boilers, tanks, reactors, and other general production equipment. 

At Clean Sweep, we believe hydroblasting is the best method for industrial cleaning. We provide a variety of water blasting services including surface preparation and hydrodemolition. To learn more about the benefits of our hydroblasting service, contact us

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