Surface Prep for Concrete Art

It is so important for surfaces to be properly prepared for a multitude of construction reasons. Not only does it clean the area and rid it of anything harmful, but it creates the ideal adhesion surface for whatever coating is required. Every now and then, though, we need to surface prep for concrete art.

Concrete Art Began as Relief Sculpture

Surface Prep for Ancient Art

Ancient relief sculpture from the Temple of Teti.

Historically, carving art into walls is known as relief sculpture. This method involved chiseling away at a surface to create three dimensional images of a small depth. Ancient Egyptians took part in what is referred to as sunken relief, where the image itself was chiseled into the surface, in lieu of the surface being chiseled around the image. To create these works of art, ancient artists needed to use surfaces that were already smooth, and hopefully in good condition. They had no way of determining if any point in the surface was weak or improperly poured. Enter, the modern era.

Modern Concrete Art

Surface Prep for Modern Concrete Art

Relief wall by William Mitchell.

Though relief sculpture is an ancient technique, it never fell out of favor. Instead, it has remained a desired artform throughout millennia. The subjects of the work, the overall aesthetics, and the tools have shifted drastically. Artists have used reliefs for abstract works, playing with scale and form. What used to depict distinct scenes of nobility and religious figures has taken on a much more relatable context. With that, artists have utilized modern tools, opting for powered hand tools in lieu of a hammer and chisel. This shift of tools means that surface prep for concrete art is even more important. Not only must the surface be free of debris and coatings, but the concrete must be sound. Hydroblasting allows for the complete removal of coatings and small debris, while also removing weak areas of concrete. What is left is a structurally sound surface, free of contaminants.

Clean Sweep and Concrete Art

Clean Sweep Hydroblasting had the pleasure of preparing a large canvas for a relief sculptor. With a reliable canvas, he created a masterpiece on what many would have simply seen as a piece of construction. See if you can find the West Palm Beach creation!

The bottom line is, whether you are a contractor or an artist, Clean Sweep is here for you.

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