Hydroblasting has proven to be one of the most optimal methods utilized to perform a variety of industrial tasks. If you need surface preparation done for equipment such as boilers or tanks, hydroblasting is guaranteed to get it done effectively. Or if you require demolition on a certain concrete structure – let’s say, a bridge – then you could also hire a professional service such as Clean Sweep Hydroblasting to efficiently and safely remove the concrete material without damaging the metal underneath. Most of all, if you have dirty pipes, then you will definitely want to have a hydroblasting service come and clean them for you.

Dirty pipes in any industrial field are always a hassle to deal with. They clog structures causing either overflows or costly damages on the material. More so, dirty pipes mean that transfers of dirty deposits occur, and that’s something you don’t ever want to happen.

If you happen to have industrial pipes that need to be cleaned, call the experts at Clean Sweep Hydroblasting today for quality service. Below are some reasons why you should have hydroblasting professionals perform maintenance on your pipes.


For the most cost-effective cleaning service that will yield significant results, hydroblasting is the go-to. Most other methods can be costly and don’t effectively get the job done as well as you want it to. But due to the powerful force of hydroblasting, all deposits and materials that once clogged your industrial pipes can be forcefully removed. And all the while, you’ll be getting your pipes maintained for a cheap, affordable price. In return, your equipment can run smoothly again and you can still generate tremendous revenue without having to worry about paying too out of pocket.

No Need For Harsh Chemicals

As the name implies, the hydroblasting method uses water, and that’s all it ever uses. At Clean Sweep hydroblasting, we don’t ever use harsh chemicals or abrasives to perform any maintenance that our clients require. Though they can work to remove some deposits, they don’t always work effectively to remove all of them. More so, the use of chemicals or other harsh abrasives can damage your pipes. Although they appear to be fine for now, the more you get your pipes cleaned with chemicals, the more likely it will yield unwanted results – leaks in pipes, corroded metal, etc. And most importantly, chemical usage can create an unsafe atmosphere for you and your employees. They can breathe in harmful fumes, causing them to become victimized by health problems.

Hydroblasting eliminates the need for chemicals. The powerful force exerted by nozzles effectively removes all materials within the pipes.

Overall Structure Is Still Sound

It’s scary, at first,  to think that you can use a hydroblasting hose to clean your pipes. The powerful force exerted could appear to tear right through the metal of your industrial equipment.

But there’s no need to worry, however. The nozzles on Clean Sweep’s Hydroblasting hoses are adjustable. We can alter the PSI exerted from our equipment in order to clean your pipes effectively without damaging any of its structure. In short, by adjusting the nozzle to better accommodate for your equipment, we can assure you that your pipes will, in no way, be damaged during our service. You’ll find that your pipes will still be perfectly intact, yet are incredibly clean and free from all unwanted materials.

Contact Clean Sweep Hydroblasting Today to Get Your Pipes Cleaned

Clean Sweep Hydroblasting has served countless customers for years and has performed maintenance on many pieces of industrial equipment, including pipes. We are recognized for our outstanding services in hydroblasting and we’re more than certain that we can help you. We’re confident that when you choose us for our effective methods, you’ll be added to our growing list of satisfied customers. For any inquiries, you may call us at 561.793.1509 or visit our contact page.