Water blasting is one of the most commonly adopted methods utilized by countless businesses for a variety of reasons. It’s a widespread operation that involves the use of a powerful abrasive water discharge that successfully blasts unwanted material or residue away due to its strength. And due to its efficiency, it sometimes only requires one operator for a given application. These applications can be one of many things your business needs service for. And if you’re wondering how water blasting can benefit you, continue reading below to see what water blasting applications you can have done.

Surface Preparation

Harmful residue or deposits can reside on a number of surfaces in your work environments, sometimes contributing to unproductivity or even health risks in the workplace. There are many methods you can utilize to assist in cleaning these surfaces but many of these aren’t as effective as water blasting and can often prove to be too unsafe. For instance, you can use chemicals to get rid of unwanted materials that cling onto surfaces, but by doing so you’re also creating a hazardous environment and can potentially cause damage to the ecosystem.

Water blasting, however, can work much more effectively than applying chemicals and it’s a much more eco-friendly alternative. Because of its powerful force, water blasting can deeply penetrate any surface and remove any unwanted deposits. And because only water is used, you won’t have to worry about any unwanted hazardous byproducts causing a hazard in the workplace.


Because of its strength, water blasting is often recognized as a reliable method for construction and demolition, thus many clients will hire Clean Sweep for their hydrodemoltion services.

Hydrodemolition often proves itself to be the most useful method needed for construction or demolition purposes. One example is when construction needs to be performed on a bridge. Using any other tool to perform construction on a bridge, such as a jackhammer, would likely damage the structure as a whole (the steel beams that lie deep in the concrete, for example). But by using water blasting, concrete can be carefully removed without sacrificing the soundness of a bridge’s structure. When Clean Sweep performs hydrodemolition, they’re able to adjust the psi of their nozzles in order to spurt out water that is strong enough to break down concrete but won’t harm any steel structures. Rest assured, water blasting can ensure that the structure of your bridge will still stand.

Performance Maintenance

Other than surface preparation, water blasting is also ideal for performance maintenance on your industrial equipment. This is because water blasting helps tremendously in ensuring your equipment is cleaned entirely without any of its components being damaged during the process.

Your industrial equipment is vulnerable to wear and tear and will gain unwanted deposits that will cling onto their surfaces. And in due time, these unwanted deposits will impede tremendously on your productivity and functionality of such equipment. Depending on the size, hand-cleaning such equipment can take a long time and most other methods don’t harness the power of deep cleaning like water blasting. Similar to the process of hydrodemolition, Clean Sweep can adjust the nozzle on their hose to ensure that no part of the equipment being cleaned is damaged, while still safely removing dirt, grime, and other material.

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