Construction repair on bridge decks is no easy task. The process of repairing bridge decks is a strenuous and tedious one as maintaining its structure can be difficult. Bridge deck repairs will require that the old concrete platform be replaced without the removal of steel or beam structures. Workers can do this through various processes, most of which are unsafe and don’t guarantee an easy extraction and replacement of concrete. Mechanical methods, such as jackhammers, can potentially damage connectors or other embedded steel that is meant to stay intact. Removal of the concrete through such methods will involve a team of people performing labor-intensive work that can potentially cause injury. If you’re looking for an easier and simpler solution, consider looking into hiring a hydrodemolition service. Below are some reasons why.

Easier Method

Depending on the pressure applied, hydroblasting can not cut through steel. The removal of old concrete can easily be done without the risk of damaging steel connectors. When hydroblasting is used to repair bridges, the user is creating “pockets” in the bridge by cutting through the concrete that was once there. But the steel beams underneath are unscathed allowing room for new concrete to be placed while the bridge’s structure is still intact.


Going through other methods of repairing bridges is time-consuming. Mechanical methods, for instance, could take too much time extracting old concrete while attempting to keep the metal structure underneath intact. Hydrodemolition is a quick and efficient process and shortens the time it usually takes to perform such repairs by half the time.

Less Chance of Injury

You are at less risk of having someone becoming injured on the job. This is due to the lack of labor-intensity involved in hydroblasting. Depending on the size of the project, as little as one person could perform the necessary extraction of old concrete – it usually only involves one person and a pressurized hose.

Environmentally Friendlier

Any sort of heavy-duty equipment involved in intensive bridge repair will also likely be harmful to the environment. An example would be of the gas fumes spawned off of mechanical methods. Another great benefit of hydrodemolition is that it is environmentally safe. Hydrodemolition rids you of the possibility of harming surrounding ecosystems. Also, due to it being pressurized water, not much water waste is being caused.

Clean Sweep Hydroblasting is The Ideal Choice for Hydrodemolition

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