Proper surface preparation is important for the immediate and long-term success of concrete sealants. Guidelines for the proper preparation of a concrete surface include removing any old layers and complete decontamination of the surface. This can be done most easily and effectively with water jet cleaning offered by Clean Sweep Hydroblasting.

What Hydroblasting Can Do

Hydroblasting is a water pressure cleaning system that uses up to 42,000 P.S.I. water jets to remove dirt and chemicals from surfaces. Industrial surface preparation includes the ability to remove the coating from concrete, stucco, walkways, patios, ships and marine structures with steel and fiberglass. Profiling of concrete on various structures for overcoating or overlaying of epoxy coatings and concrete.

Old and non-durable concrete must be removed and replaced before a surface is properly prepared. Our hydrocutters will remove weak concrete in a safe and environmentally clean fashion. No dust or vibrations are created by water demolition so that a precise area can be prepared for new construction without disturbing nearby structures.

The Benefits and Costs of Hydroblasting

Decontamination includes the removal of any oils, grease, or wax which can be harder to remove depending on their viscosity and the permeability of the surface. Normally, concrete will be between the pH range of 11 and 13. Anything outside this range may require further cleaning. Getting the proper cleaning for hard to reach surfaces with a chemical cleaning process can be difficult. Hydroblasting can give a clean finish for hard to reach places.

The issue with hydroblasting for decontamination is that the runoff and debris created can be hazardous or can cost a significant amount. When removing asbestos or lead paints, containment is of the highest importance. Certain equipment can alleviate this problem. Water jets with vacuum recovery do not need to clean up or contain the surface runoff because it retrieves both the water and the contaminants so the environment is unaffected. They are less versatile than normal hydroblasters, but will strip a flat surface dry.

Hydroblasting is the only way for soluble salts to be removed. Normal grit blasting does not release the contaminants trapped in small crevasses. Water jets force these crevasses open and remove everything. The sheer power of hydroblasting can get most surfaces clean.

At the same time, hydroblasting can be precise in its pressure. Robotically controlled water jets make industrial surface preparation safe for the material. The water pressure can be set to a certain P.S.I. required to get the job done but also be gentle enough to not damage the surface.

For any industrial surface preparation needs, consider Clean Sweep Hydroblasting to get the job done right and under the correct guidelines so that the next contractors who need a clean surface will have no extra complications. Call now at (561) 793-1509.